Allison Road Crossover

AllisonRoadDetectiveAllison Road is an amazing looking game being developed by Lillth Ltd. It’s being described as the spiritual successor to Silent HIll’s now defunct PT. We thought it would be a bit of fun to have the Darkside Division investigate in this screenshot.


Art Process

Here is a breakdown animation of the workflow used to create the look of the Darkside Detective. It starts out as very simple line art and is then rendered up to add texture and detail. Finally it’s scaled up and the HD lighting is applied to give it its unique feel.

Art Process Sample

Crossover Potential

We get a few comments from time to time saying that McQueen reminds people of the Doctor from the British science fiction series, Doctor Who. Just for a little fun, our artist Paul knocked up this quick concept of what a potential crossover of the two franchises would look like.

Doctor Who Detective