The Team

The Darkside Detective is developed by Spooky Doorway.

Paul Conway – Art – @DoomCube
Paul has been an artist in the video games industry for 10 year and has worked on over 100 games under the banner, including renowned franchises, like The Sims, Theme Park & Lep’s World. None of that saved him, however, when he lost a game of rummy with a devil (not THE devil, that guy has bigger fish to fry). Anyway, long and short of it, he has been chained to his desk to draw ever since, charged with the gruelling one-hundred-backgrounds worth of The Darkside Detective.
Dave McCabe – Writing – @davetheallthing
Dave was born with Boneitis (not its real name, but he can’t recall what that is – he was very young when he was a child), which meant he spent most of his days buried in books and most of his night buried in sacrificial blood pits (the only scientifically sure way to rid oneself of Boneitis). Once he was a real boy again, he started writing and literally has not stopped. His fingers are bloodied stumps. Send help.He lives in one of the paintings in your house, and is constantly watching, constantly judging…
Christopher Colston – Development – @Robotic_Bears
Chris is a Game Designer and Developer from the cold, harsh and unforgiving land known as Scotland. Having worked with a variety of larger studios across Europe, he made the decision in 2011 to move to the tropical west coast of Ireland to work on his suntan. He currently lectures on game development in Pulse College Galway and likes to make obscure adventure games in his spare time. He has two pets, a dog that houses the consciousness of his eight-grade math teacher and a sentient fungus that lives behind his cooker and constantly beats him at cards
Tracey McCabe – Development – @FarrellyTracey
Tracey is a software developer who left the world of finance to become a travelling games nomad with her husband Dave, due to misreading a Ouija-board. She used to be it but now she doesn’t know what it is (it being the thing that lives under your bed – she concedes that really, nobody knows what it is, nor could they handle finding out).Her life philosophy is <code> while (alive||reanimated) { learn(); unlearn (); } </code>You can follow her nonsense at
Ben Prunty – Music – @benprunty
Ben longs to work a regular job, but as a child, he was cursed by a gypsy. Now whenever an employer reads his resume, their company immediately goes out of business. Forced to live by the damned hex, he must forever arrange sound into pleasing patterns. His misery is our fortune, as it means the world gets soundtracks like those of FTL and, soon, The Darkside Detective.