Galway Gaming Expo 2016

All the local developers in Galway got together in the city center, and brought out our wares for the public. It was a great day, the show was extremely busy and we got lotys of great feedback. It was also cool to get to hang out with Howling Hamster, Tribal City, Psychic Software and many of the other local developers. we can’t wait until next time.

GDC 2016

GDC is always a great experience, but we had an especially great time this year. We got see some inspiring talks and to meet so many awesome devs. We even got to meet some legendary adventure game heroes, and got to hang out with Ben our composer for a little while, too, which was good fun. People also really seemed to like Darkside when we got to demo it to them, too, which is always awesome.

Achievement unlocked for team Darkside.

Achievement unlocked for team Darkside. Mr Tim Schafer everyone!


We’re flying to GDC!

Dave, Tracey and Paul from the Darkside team will be flying out to GDC in San Francisco tomorrow. Wish us luck, and thanks for all the support! If you’d like to get in contact, shoot us an email to contact (at)