We made it throught GREENLIGHT!

dsd_icon_GreenlitThanks to everyone who voted yes on our game. The Darkside Detective got through the Greenlight process in the¬†startlingly short amount of time of¬†5 days. It’s very promising and shows us that there is a lot of interest in the game. Now all we have to do is make an awesome series of case files for you to enjoy. Thanks again, Paul out!

We’re Featured on GameJolt

We uploaded a build of The Darkside Detective to last night. We got featured on the homepage a few hours after it went online, which is awesome! Overnight the game has been played almost 1500 times and received a 4.8 rating from 56 rating.


We’re on the homepage!



Almost 1500 plays and a 4.8 rating!


We made an appearance at the DICE Summit

The Darkside Detective made a brief appearance last night during Brenda Romero‘s talk at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas yesterday. Her talk was titled “Looking in a Different Direction”. Our artist Paul Conway was even quoted as part of her piece. “A great game screenshot should look like an inviting postcard to an adventure you haven’t had yet.” It was amazing for our humble little game to appear at such a prestigious event and with such an amazing speaker to boot. We’ll link to a video when it is available online. We’d like to thank Brenda for the mention, too.

A screenshot of The Darkside Detective appeared as part of Brenda's talk

A screenshot of The Darkside Detective appeared as part of Brenda’s talk

The Story So Far…


After quite a while of avoiding it, we’ve finally gotten around to writing up our first dev blog. A lot has happened since we first went public with The Darkside Detective a few weeks ago, so we were quite unsure where to begin. We realised that, as with so many things, the beginning was a great place to start, so read on for the brief history of The Darkside Detective‘s inception. (more…)